About Us

The Lab is a light engineering & automotive/repair fabrication company specializing in Nissan 300ZX Z32s & carrying out wild modifications to almost anything owned by someone wanting special attention to detail & high quality workmanship.

Owned & operated by Glenn & Christine Hodges, Glenn has over 24 years experience in parts supply & mechanical repair & has been dealing with the Z32 300ZX & other Nissans for over sixteen years.

The Lab Limited is not just limited to the Z32 300ZX, Glenn has over 12yrs experience in the aircraft servicing & repair industry & has been working on cars & selling car parts professionally (as well as a few outboard motors, some marine equipment & some farm bikes) for over 24 years.

One of the best things we offer is on the spot quick thinking & solutions to problems other places may struggle or not even be able to solve.

TIG, MIG, arc & gas welding, lathe work (up to 320mm diameter max) & general fabrication done on site with access to virtually unlimited machinery via sub contracting.

From basic maintenance to complete engine rebuilds, making a letter box through to a full automotive restoration/rebuild, The Lab can help you.

Recent projects include:
A full restomod on a 1956 Ford Mainline including fitting a 2006 Ford XR8 Boss motor and gearbox, the fun didn’t stop there, I added the floor pan, firewall, seats, dash and electronics from the 2006 XR8 as well.
This build placed runner up best commercial at the all Ford day in Tauranga just prior to the finishing touches being added, she also featured in NZV8 magazine.

We recently created something a little different by building a full custom chassis to fit under a 2008 Nissan Navara D40 Kingcab, a VK45DD Nissan V8 was added, IRS from an R51 Pathfinder, 125L custom ally fuel tank, Emtron ECU, custom rear panels and custom suspension work lowering the vehicle by a full six inches when compared to a stock D40 Navara.
This vehicle won “best static” (IE: lowered but no air bags or hyd suspension so height not adjustable)at the 2015 Laid out At The Lake – a show specifically for mini trucks and low riders etc.

Mid 2016 we created something fairly different by using the basic concept of something Nissan in the UK had custom built by RML, we took a Nissan March & threw a twin turbo V6 in the boot with the help of our sponsors we got this beast ready for testing at the first round of NZ Superlap series (Dec 3rd 2016) Sadly as can happen with motorsports a racing incident lead to a crash that destroyed the car & put me out of shape for over six mths.
We are however rebuilding both myself and the car and will return (despite the know it all haters) for the 2017 – 2018 season!!

A few pictures can be found on our forum & many more on our Facebook page – or if you wish feel free to give me a call and come and have a look in person :)

Contact Glenn directly on 027 2789691 :)