1969 Nissan Gloria VK56DE

In August of 2019 we started an epic build of a 1969 Nissan Gloria.
The task was “simple” put a supercharged 5.6L quad cam all alloy V8 plus six speed manual gearbox where a SOHC straight six (with maybe a four speed manual) used to live.

This build involved extensive custom fabrication including bespoke chassis rails and suspension pickups, extensive modifications to components to allow them to fit where they were never intended, rust repairs, wiring replacement and repairs, splicing in modern EFI wiring to very very old school electrical systems.
The interior required extensive fabrication allowing room for the four link rear end with the (comparatively) massive Ford Nine inch differential, a new transmission tunnel, more rust repairs, a custom centre console and dash.

This was a VERY involved build that came out extremely well with only minor interior work (carpets) and possibly a change of wheels required to “finish” the build.

A link to our Facebook build album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1951819601584423&type=3