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Vulcan's Thread.
February 21, 2014
10:08 pm

Before i start spamming your website with posts i thought i'd just make one thread and keep updating it, unless you have another idea or any complaints.

Glenn your a talented guy, do you think you could make one of these for cheaper? just thought id ask lol since cheaper is better with my budget :L also do you think they would be any good, apparently the reviews say bracing the master cylinder is a good cheap upgrade for the brakes.


Also i don't quite see how the lhd version on this is $25 cheaper. they would cost the same to make yet our version is over twice the price =[

February 22, 2014
8:37 am

BMC braces re a piece of cake to make :)
The trouble is finding the time to do it, I've got a massive backlog of stuff to get through & currently spending a lot of time out of the shop so very hard to get things done.

February 22, 2014
12:18 pm

are they worth putting on? one of them is on my to do list.

If there any good i'll keep it on my to do list and when you ever have time and feel like making one i'll buy it. I'm in no rush for things just doing some research on which i should do for later in the future for my 300zx.

February 22, 2014
4:07 pm

If you are going to push the car hard then yes otherwise the car will be fine without it, just a little more pedal movement.

February 23, 2014
2:17 pm

Well most its life id say it'l be pretty easy going rather than my old n/a but i am more than happy spending 20-30g on it for a finished result down the lines. I want as a finished product amazing handling, exterior looks, interior luxury, insane braking, engine response, exhaust sound. I don't mind about hp/kw power mods but getting extra power along the way will be fine but im not chasing power.

Also the things i do i only want to do once and make it be worth while and last, rather than doing it cheaply then doing the same mod again with a better quality part. I want to do it right from the start.

So i'll be pretty keen on an bracket if you happen to come by one or make one let me know (:

My list of things i would like to do to my 300zx is below (Will probably change as time goes on because never can settle for what i want)
Twinz kit with front lip nose panel and maybe a roof spoiler
z1 side mount intercoolers & Hard intake pipes
1 piece alloy driveshaft & n/a rear end conversion
light weight flywheel & Hd clutch
maybe light weight pulleys (but id get the expensive ones with the dampner thing in it)
upgraded radiator & electric fans ( if there much better than the stock fan )
light weight racing wheels with nice fitment
bigger brake rotors & calipers ( maybe one of those expensive wilwood type kits, haven't researched brakes yet though )
braided brake lines/fuel lines/all other lines that i can.
engine delete of the things not needed
engine mangement system
adjustable shocks&springs and maybe aftermarket other suspension bits but not sure what the best is for that either
fiberglass replacement stock rear spolier so the old rubber one doesnt rust my boot and wear ( not sure about having a spoiler though but at the moment i like it )
j spec tail lights
clear fender indicators
suede interior ( or some nice luxury material to redo the whole inside including recovered seats )
nice sound set up
tints & respray silver ( probably stay silver but maybe add some more sparkle or something to it)
would love some external wastegates for that sound but not sure on how to do the exhaust. But want 4 exhaust tips out the rear like the stock ones just a little bigger and sounding way better
engine bay dress up all around. probably in chrome/ silver/ black

So in short terms i pretty much want a mint all round 300zx like zilvers one but turbo.

February 23, 2014
6:20 pm

Sounds like you want my wifes car then laugh

February 23, 2014
6:58 pm

I like the blue one you have :P looks tidy and nice and looks like it would haul ass.

February 24, 2014
9:22 pm

I can vouch for the blue Z, it hauls ass big time!

February 24, 2014
9:29 pm

i bet, been stalking photos and videos of that for many years now :P

I have a question for you guys, I brought some gauge rings and waiting for them to arrive but while my dash will be out to install them im thinking i should get some bright as led bulbs for the cluster so it looks like this…..0b2350.jpg but im not sure what bulbs to get? i brought some led ones off trademe years ago for my last 300 but they were crap and didn't light up the whole cluster. has anyone put leds in there cluster if so which are good ones to buy? also can someone confirm what size they are please t5 or t10? ill have a look on google to try find the answer but thought id ask here also


February 26, 2014
3:46 pm

Got it all sorted. before and after pic :O

April 29, 2014
5:13 pm

Went for a very long drive in the weekend, talked a friend into buying a 300zx for his first car so i drove him 20+ hours to go have a look and pick it up. turned out to be an ok car was an old guys auto non turbo pretty dam tidy and ran mint. it made it 8hours back to his house without any problems and mine made the full trip there and back without problems was a very long days worth of driving car pretty much was running for over 20hours straight, after we got there i noticed my rear main seal was leaking a tad more than usual ( I think) unless im paranoid but it would drip every 5 seconds or so but i kept checking the oil level and it never went down so probably looked worse than it actually is, hasnt left a puddle on my driveway or anything. but will get that sorted when i have money for a clutch and flywheel. . . unless the leak gets worse ill get it fixed and pull the trans twice haha.

but it seems to be reliable without problems so far. . . done about 4,000km since iv brought it only 2 months ago :O

I do have some boost leaks and found out mine hasn't got the power it should after going for a ride in another mates turbo 300zx i met on the journey. I think its just lacking the power because it takes ages to spool boost and i think thats to do with the leaks but ill sort that out one day haha, it does drive smooth and runs really nice

Here are some pictures of my interior, Got my gauges all done so i can moniter most things. just need 2 a/f gauges but so expensive. . Also have got some ok looking wheels for it which ill get new tyres for them in the next 2 weeks and put them on and post up a photo.

June 25, 2014
8:47 am

Looking good! Extra gauges don't look too rice, thankfully. Did you get the water temp alarm?

July 2, 2014
4:43 pm

yeah I didnt want the gauges to stand out to much, eventually i'll replace all the gauges with a double din screen and just run the gauges on that. The water temp gauge i have has a few settings for alarm when the temp gets to hot it flashes red and beeps and also if the temp gets to low the alarm goes off, all my gauges have these settings so have set them all about 2 degrees over normal temp so i catch early warnings. they work great.

Here is a recent picture of my 300zx my first attemp at making some tail lights, come out quite nice now just need to do the other side then make a glowing center piece.

i also made a sub box a few weeks ago i just need some money to buy some vinyl to wrap it and it would look mint, as well as my new wheels and adjustable suspension which the wheels i need to get them coated in silver because i want silver on silver and dont really like gun metal grey, but they were to cheap not to buy also need to put my suspension in once all this is done ill throw up photos but its starting to look really well considering it hasnt really costed much to do the mods myself.

August 16, 2014
12:04 pm

Got my adjustables in and a wheel alignment, pitty my driveway is way to step to lower it just a touch more but it's starting to look pretty cool and it handles great now!

I think im going to see how much money i can save for the xmas breaks and might try do my first engine pull. I need to fix my rear main seal its leaking, i need to do the cambelt kit, i want to replace all the hoses and vacuum lines and get rid of the egr. and there is also i think an oil leak somewhere else behind the engine maybe from the turbos and maybe a temperamental water leak behind there as well.

some days after a good long drive after i turn the car off i get a tiny bit of steam coming from behind the passenger side engine firewall and read somewhere it could be the water lines to the turbo. it only steams on a rare occasion and very faintly i first thought it was just my rear main seal oil leak because i know that leaks a little and i have some oil which ends up on the exhaust and burns off. but i cant tell the different smell between burning oil and burning coolant lol

sub box before it was wrapped
my sub box wrapped in vinyl

August 16, 2014
6:40 pm

Looking good – and very familiar laugh

The steam from the passenger side could be from the drain for the air conditioning evaporator, depending on the angle the car is parked & the exh etc the drian can drop water right on to the hot exh causing a slight hissing every now & then with the small puff of steam.

August 17, 2014
10:53 am

would that still happen with the aircon turned off though? i normally have my settings just set at like 25 when driving.

I sold my jaguar a couple of weeks ago and saving the money from that for maintenance but want to get some driving hours in first while i save abit more money, only have $1200 saved i can spend and that's not really enough after i buy an engine hoist. i'll probably order a few things from you glenn, like the 120k cambelt kit/spark plugs + everything else i should do at the same time, which im not 100% sure on everything untill i do some more reading and write down what i need. im hoping to have double the money by xmas then i would of had plenty time driving until then and a few weeks free where i can get the work done and stumble across many problems along the way.

Also do you know the best way going about dump pipes? i havent got money to buy speciality z dump pipes and it costs so much to order them from the Us and everywhere iv read said not to buy anything AMS, but would love to get rid of the stock ones while the engine is out, are there any other options in nz for dump pipes.

August 27, 2014
7:41 pm

Unless you set the AC to economy the pump will still run & the evaporator will still get cold & in turn condensate water & then drip out the drain tube.

Any time the company AMS is mentioned on a 300ZX related forum there is an argument laugh

You get what you pay for, if you don't mind quality being at a low price level then that's what you get.

MOST of what you will read about AMS comes from people full of hate & BS because they have nothing better to do with their lives, There is the odd bit of truth here & there & a few stories of things that have failed or been below standard with quality – they do sell a LOT of stuff though so the percentages aren't as bad as the haters like to think.

I've met a couple of people who might be able to help with a shipment of heavier stuff if we wanted to tee something up one day :)

September 1, 2014
5:45 pm

Sweet. havent had it steaming since last time i took it out so it must just be something minor.

Still running how it was when i brought it which is good because iv done 4,000kms with a pretty hard foot. apart from its abit bumpier with the adjustables.

Will let you know about parts once i save up some money for decent tools + maintenance + performance mods . but i have set a limit of 30k to spend on my 300 in my life time :P i want 550rwhp reliably so i can daily drive it at that with a heavy foot and it will last. not that id thrash it all day every day i just want it to be that reliable. but preferably without having to do internal mods.

September 17, 2014
4:59 pm

<img src="" alt="" />

<img src="" alt="" />

September 27, 2014
8:49 am

looks good! :D

Be warned though when I had those plates on my own Z very briefly there was nothing but trouble – cursed I tell you CURSED!!! laugh

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